The Eagle

The traditional symbol for St. John is the eagle. You will see the eagle in various forms throughout our web site. The lectern for reading in St. John’s sanctuary is cast in the form of an eagle.

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of St. John’s Lutheran Church is to
Worship the Lord,
Serve Faithfully and
Reach out

God’s Call to St. John’s

We, the family of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Albany, New York, being called in our Baptism, gathered and nurtured by the Holy Spirit, are joined together as God’s people to be a reflection of God’s love as revealed to us primarily in the Holy Scriptures.

We, therefore, declare our purpose to be that of hearing, affirming, living and sharing both the expectations God has of us and the gifts God offers us.

To this end, we commit ourselves, as Christ’s disciples, to provide appropriate and regular opportunities for (1) worship, (2) personal and spiritual growth, (3) witnessing to our faith, and (4) serving the needs of our members, the Church at large, the local community and beyond, by (5) drawing upon the time, abilities, and resources of our members and our professional staff.

We’re Anchored in the Lord and Witnesses to the Community. Learning
We offer a Christian Education program for all ages on Sunday mornings, September to May. This program is open to members of St. John’s and the community.


Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

St. John’s is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (E.L.C.A.). It is the purpose of the E.L.C.A. to engage as many persons as will share its confession of faith (beliefs) in a fellowship. The fellowship includes worship, learning, community, witness and service that the Word of God in Jesus Christ may become effective in human lives. This happens together and individually, and includes relationships with other Christian fellowships and social institutions in our nation and throughout the world. St. John’s church is part of the Upstate New York Synod of the E.L.C.A. and of its Hudson Mohawk Conference.

Albany Lutheran Cluster

A fellowship of five Albany area congregations — First Lutheran Church, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit, St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church and St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. We share in ministries for the cluster and within the larger community. The cluster provides a combined confirmation ministry program. Together the churches have supported the CROP Walk, AIDS Walk, Albany Maritime Ministry, Overflow Homeless Shelter, Albany Damien Center, Equinox, Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless and the regional Food Bank among other ministries.


The church participates in other area ministries such as the CROP Walk for hunger, West Hills Ministerial Fellowship, SUNY Albany Campus Ministry, and the Capital Area Council of Churches Ecumenical Witnesses of Baptism. St. John’s supports the Sister Maureen Joyce Center for feeding the hungry, clothing the needful, and providing support.


Lutherans are the largest Protestant denomination.
We base our faith on God’s Word, the Scriptures, and confess (proclaim) that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.
Our liturgical service is based on the tradition of Christian worship dating to the early centuries of the Christian Church as we praise God.
Our church regards its members as a fellowship of believers, a community of Christ, not merely another human organization.